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Winter Gear Gifts for IDF
are not US tax deductible.
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USA: 1-888-ZION-613
Int'l: 1-863-709-1300
Israel: +972-2-533-7841
Send 'Warm Winter' Packages to Israeli Soldiers

Join us in thanking the young men and women of the IDF who risk their lives to protect the citizens of Israel. The IDF Winter Campaign provides Israeli soldiers with the winter gear they desperately need. Packages and allocations are subject to change based on availability and soldiers' needs Gifts to Israeli soldiers are not tax deductible. Send your gift and personal note to a soldier today!

Gift Packages
Basic Winter Care Package
Warm up a soldier's winter by providing essential winter wear including a fleece hat, gloves and a neck warmer. You can
keep an entire army unit warm by ordering 10 packages.
The soldiers greatly appreciate your love and concern!

Warm Winter Fleece Jacket
Keep a soldier warm this winter with a much needed and appreciated army regulation fleece jacket. You can make an entire army unit very happy by ordering 10 jackets.

Deluxe Warm Winter Package
Brighten up a soldier's day by providing vital winter wear including a fleece jacket, hat, gloves and neck warmer. You can make an entire army unit's winter extra special and warm by ordering 10 deluxe packages.

Warm Up a Battalion of 100 Soldiers!
Keep an entire battalion of Israeli soldiers warm this winter
by sending care packages to 100 soldiers. Packages consist
of wool hats, gloves, neck warmers and fleece jackets.
Select the package of your choice.

Enter Your Own Amount

All gifts are greatly appreciated by the soldiers.
Enter any amount (minimum $10) and we will make sure the warm winter gear goes where it's needed most. Thank you!


Write Your Personal Message to the Soldiers
Messages will be presented to soldiers along with their gifts
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