Purim Campaign for Israeli Victims of Terror and War

Send Gift Baskets to Families and Orphans

The UWI Purim Campaign provides victims of terror with much deserved comfort and joy. Israeli victims of the war with Hamas and those living in danger need our compassion and love. We are including refugees, orphans, families of hostages and those living with illness and extreme poverty. Families have been ripped apart and many are suffering beyond what we can imagine. Share blessing and joy with victims who need our love and support now more than ever.

Gift Basket Options

Small Purim Gift Basket

Brighten the Purim holiday for families who have suffered from the trauma of terror attacks and the horrific massacre of October 7th. This gift will touch their hearts, knowing that others want to share in their pain and their joy. Your support goes a long way to make the holiday extra special.

Large Purim Gift Basket

Purim is a time to experience 'simcha' (joy). This is what's needed when faced with daily suffering. This beautiful gift basket is loaded with goodies for kids (and adults) of all ages and will surely bring loads of smiles! Don't forget to include your personal message!

Deluxe Gift Basket with Children's Toys

Whether they've lost family, friends or live in fear of attack, illness and poverty, the most tragic victims are the children. Kids need and deserve to have fun! Sending a deluxe basket loaded with their favorite goodies and toys will go a long way to bring joy to these special children.

Assortment of 3 Purim Baskets

Send an assortment of 3 Purim baskets to the families. One of each size will ensure that you are bringing Purim joy to those who need it most. Include your personal message of love and support.

Enter Your Own Amount

All gift baskets will be greatly appreciated by the families. Enter any amount you would like to give. Thank you for sharing Purim unity and joy with needy Israeli victims.
Write Your Personal Note to the Families
Notes will be sent to individual families along with their baskets
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